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Why You Should not Let Your Garden Go to Seed | Woodsman Tree Service


In the event you’ve found a number of naked patches of grass in your garden, you may assume that letting your garden go to seed will fill the naked patch or patches.

Grass is a plant, and like most vegetation, they reproduce by growing and releasing seeds. By deliberately neglecting your garden, your grass will develop new seeds to fill naked patches – a course of often called “going to seed.”

Whereas letting your garden go to seed might sound innocent, it’s sometimes a foul thought for a number of causes.


You’ll be able to anticipate extra weeds in your garden in case you let it go to seed.

Mowing your garden doesn’t simply minimize the grass; it cuts the weeds. If you let your garden go to seed, although, you received’t be capable to mow it, leading to extra weeds.

In the course of the spring and summer season months, weeds can rapidly take over your garden in case you not often or by no means mow it.

A great rule of thumb is to mow your garden weekly through the spring and summer season. However it will possibly take over a month for grass to supply new seeds.

Due to this fact, permitting your garden to go to seed will pave the way in which for weeds.


Your garden might turn out to be thinner in case you let it go to seed. Grass consumes extra power when it’s producing seeds.

Relatively than utilizing vitamins from the soil to fill naked patches, it should use vitamins to supply new seeds.

In consequence, permitting your garden to go to seed received’t fill naked patches. It truly has the other impact by selling a thinner garden with a better variety of naked patches.


Native grass sometimes produces seeds that, when germinated, will develop into new blades of grass.

The issue with residential garden grasses, nonetheless, is that many encompass hybrid varieties that don’t germinate.

Your grass should produce new seeds – assuming you don’t mow it frequently – however the seeds received’t sprout into new grass blades.


Another excuse you shouldn’t let your garden go to seed is the potential for pests.

Many bugs feast on the seeds produced by grass. And since many residential grasses produce non-germinating seeds, these seeds will blanket your garden whereas offering bugs with a available supply of meals.

In the event you’re struggling to manage bugs round your property, you must mow your garden frequently quite than permitting it to go to seed.

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