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City Gardening By way of the Apocalypse


“Method again in March, positively after 15 Days to Cease the Unfold; perhaps throughout 30 Days to Cease the Unfold, once we had been all heading towards the belief that we had no actual plan to cease the unfold, I ordered a window-garden flower starter package.

This wasn’t my inaugural try at city gardening. Final yr, in my first stab at rising issues, I’d gone to Dwelling Depot for tomato and eggplant and pepper vegetation and put them in pots on my roof deck.

This yr, although, I wasn’t certain that I’d have the ability to buy groceries, or that anybody would have the ability to go wherever. Higher protected than sorry, I assumed.

When the package arrived, I soaked the seeds in a single day. Within the morning, I pushed them deep into their little cylinders of soil. I left them on the windowsill. The subsequent morning, tiny shoots of inexperienced had poked their approach into the world. It felt like a miniature miracle.”

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