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Rhipsalis Care and Propagation,


Jungle cacti seems like an oxymoron however on this episode of Plant One on Me, Summer time Rayne Oaks talks
in-depth about this unusual department of the household. If you hear “cacti,” most
folks typically conjure photos of the desert Southwest and prickly vegetation.
Even so, 10 p.c of cacti are epiphytic and dwell in jungles. That signifies that
the cacti dwell on different vegetation and use them for help, however not for meals. They
get moisture and vitamins from the air. Regardless of rising in a jungle, they
don’t get a lot water or a lot gentle.

There are 38 species of Rhipsalis native to tropical and
subtropical America. Sadly, many of those species are threatened or endangered
of their native vary. Some might have even gone extinct earlier than they have been
found. Plant mother and father can play a job in conservation by rising these
vegetation and shopping for them from respected sources.

For folks that aren’t aware of Rhipsalis, they give the impression of being
similar to the Christmas cactus. They like shiny, oblique gentle. The
soil needs to be well-drained however not allowed to dry out fully. Summer time
creates her personal soil mix for repotting comprised of equal elements of Espoma’s
organic Potting Soil Mix
, Orchid Mix, and Perlite. Espoma’s
Cactus Mix
would additionally work nicely. They aren’t heavy feeders, a quarterly
dose of Cactus! is all
they require.

Rhipsalis are surprisingly straightforward to propagate. They do flower
and produce small berries. The seeds of which can be planted and can germinate
at temperatures between 60-70 levels Fahrenheit. They are going to typically produce a
root on the pure junction between the modified leaves. Merely lay that down
on high of the soil and it’ll root in. One other methodology is to chop off a ‘leaf’
and let the wound callus over for a day or two after which tuck it into the soil
about midway. Attempt to not get an excessive amount of water on these new vegetation or they might
rot. If that does occur, simply attempt once more. Gardening is admittedly about

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