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Potatoes With Eyes Get A New Lease On Life


There are solely two of us in my family, however I’m nonetheless compelled to purchase in bulk as a result of typically shopping for a bag of lemons is cheaper than shopping for a single lemon. I have a tendency to do that with fruit, onions, potatoes, and yams. Often we handle to eat many of the produce earlier than issues go south, however not at all times. 

A number of occasions I’ve bought an enormous bag of spuds solely to go get one and uncover the tubers have been lined in eyes and even the beginnings of a full blown plant simply ready to be nestled into the grime. Whereas the miser in me was disgusted that I had wasted the meals, not less than the potatoes with eyes weren’t rotting! Nearly nothing smells as repulsive as a rotting potato!

Planting Sprouted Potatoes

Often I round file or compost these findings, however years in the past I assumed, why not plant them? In any case they have been already trying like viable crops. So, plant I did. I minimize the spuds into chunks so that every had not less than one eye or bud and allowed the minimize space to callous over by leaving them on the counter for a day or two. 

Then I planted the potatoes through the use of the bucket method. I drilled some drainage holes in a normal 5 gallon (19 L.) bucket after which planted the minimize tuber chunks 1 / 4 of the best way down within the bucket in a mixture of compost and soil. This dimension bucket will take a few crops. I then positioned the bucket in full solar. Because the crops grew, I continued to cowl them with soil and continued to maintain them moist. 
Did it work? Sure certainly my grocery retailer potato experiment did work. We harvested them within the late fall and this time, we ate them immediately! Though I did set some apart to see if they might kind eyes once more. Sadly the outcome was a extremely smelly cupboard. Argh, nothing like rotten potatoes!