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Fig Fruit: My Subsequent Experiment Rising Produce From Scraps


I hate to toss issues out, particularly vegetation within the backyard. If I feel I can reserve it or begin a brand new plant from a small portion, then I’ve to at the least attempt. That means if I fail, which sometimes I do, it’s not as a lot a crushing defeat. Retailer purchased produce isn’t any totally different and I’ve typically discovered these little “experiments” to be fairly enjoyable. If I’m fortunate sufficient to succeed, I get rewarded with a brand new free plant, and perhaps even one thing I can eat – at the least so far as greens go.

Why Does Rising Produce from Fruit Bushes Elude Me?

I’ve regrown all types of produce, from pineapple tops and veggie scraps to basil and different herbs. What I’ve not tried, nevertheless, at the least with any success, is growing fruit tree seeds. Oh sure, I’ve planted them quite a few occasions, some even come up, however then they keel over. I can’t work out what I’m doing fallacious, however I received’t let this defeat me! In any case, what’s that saying – “If at first you don’t succeed, attempt, attempt once more.” Marvel if that applies to second, third and fourth makes an attempt too.

After all, then there’s the query of what I’ll do with stated fruit tree ought to I really obtain my aim in regrowing the produce. The place will I put it? Out within the backyard or hold it as a houseplant? I suppose I have to determine that out first. It may additionally assist to determine on the kind of fruit to develop. I imply there’s all the time the prospect that I’ll SOMEDAY discover success with rising fruit tree seeds from stated fruit. 

I’ve tried and failed in any respect the standard varieties – lemon tree, grapefruit, and pear. I’ve planted peach and cherry pits. I’ve even tried rising an avocado pit, and I don’t like them. All to no avail. However what I actually wish to attempt my hand at is a fig. I’ve by no means technically eaten a fig fruit – does a Fig Newton depend? If I can really get one in all these infants to develop (and reside), I can keep it in a pot or plant it outside, since many are hardy in my space.

I’ve by no means understood why in all my years of gardening I can develop most issues simply positive and others not a lot. Fruit has all the time challenged me, although I’ve triumphantly grown strawberries, simply by no means tried rising from seed (hmm, one other one to placed on my checklist). As I write this, I’m now satisfied that my subsequent experiment with rising produce shall be a fig tree from fig fruit. I promise to maintain you posted ought to I lastly succ-seed!