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Desires Of Future Cacti


I’m fascinated by all types of cactus, though I don’t personal many. I’ve a few indoor cacti that I like, plus a number of succulents like Christmas cactus, aloe, and bromeliads. I might love so as to add a number of extra cactus if I can prepare myself to not overwater the poor issues.

I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 2 years and it was a lot enjoyable to see the large Saguaro cactus sporting Santa hats when Christmas rolled round. Now, I stay within the excessive desert, with scorching, dry summers and lengthy, chilly winters. Sadly, no Saguaros are powerful sufficient to outlive right here. 

Yuccas within the Backyard

Nonetheless, the earlier house owner left me a yard full of gorgeous yuccas, in addition to an abundance of Sempervivums (hens and chicks), so many in reality that I gave containers of the little vegetation away to buddies. 

A lot of the earlier landscaping was bizarre and made little sense to me (boxwood within the excessive desert?), however I’m so grateful for the yuccas. They’re fascinating, year-round, and the tall spires of creamy yellow summertime blooms are spectacular.

As I write this in mid-December, I can see a number of yuccas by my workplace window, their thick, swordlike leaves rising up above the snow. I’ve to confess that though I’ve lived most of my life right here, I by no means realized that yuccas have been hardy sufficient to outlive the subfreezing chilly. Who knew?

Forms of Cactus for the Future

My objective is to plant extra of those beautiful vegetation. I’ve additionally been researching different cold-weather cactus that ought to do effectively right here in USDA plant hardiness zone 6. As an example:

  • Escobaria (plain’s pincushion, foxtail, or beehive cactus), hardy to zone 3 
  • Opuntia (prickly pear cactus), hardy to zone 3
  • Echinocereus (hedgehog or porcupine cactus), hardy to zone 5
  • Pediocactus simpsonii (mountain ball cactus), hardy to zone 4 
  • Coryphantha vivipara (pincushion cactus), hardy to zone 2