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Be looking out for bagworm baggage on juniper, arborvitae, spruce, pine, cedar and plenty of different conifers and deciduous crops. Bagworm is a moth, which in its larval stage, creates a cocoon from bits of plant materials. The circumstances are troublesome to see and will go unnoticed till vital defoliation has occurred. The baggage look completely different relying on their tree hosts, as a result of the bugs use the tree’s foliage to assemble the circumstances.

Bagworm Caterpillars 300x200 - Bagworm Caterpillars Eat Leaves and Needles for Lunch

Cocoon of a bagworm moth on jap pink cedar.

Bagworm caterpillars emerge from their eggs within the spring (round late-Could by means of mid-June) they usually start to feed on foliage. To start with, feeding injury will appear like etching, however because the caterpillars get bigger they may eat complete needles and leaves. A closely infested plant could also be fully defoliated. If unmanaged for a number of consecutive seasons defoliation can finally result in plant demise. Injury will be extra extreme on evergreens as they’re typically unable to supply new progress after lack of needles.

Bagworm Caterpillars A bagworm caterpillar outside of the protective bag 1 300x224 - Bagworm Caterpillars Eat Leaves and Needles for Lunch

A bagworm caterpillar outdoors the protecting bag.

When caterpillars attain maturity, they produce silken threads attaching the bag to a twig. Then they pupate into their grownup type. Generally these silken threads girdle plant tissue and injure it.

Rising grownup males fly and seek for wingless females that stay inside their baggage. In the event you discover an empty bag, it could have belonged to a male who left it after reaching maturity. After mating, the feminine lays a number of hundred eggs contained in the bag earlier than dying. These eggs overwinter contained in the protecting case and the life cycle begins once more within the spring.

Eradicating the egg sacs reduces the variety of caterpillars that may emerge subsequent spring. Any remedies ought to goal the newly emerged caterpillars within the spring.

Preserve looking out to assist stop severe infestation.

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