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Keep Up With Evolving Digital Marketing Trends With Epic Owl

Jan 29

Epic Owl is excited to announce the launch of its full-service interactive digital marketing agency.

Los Angeles, January 17, 2023 — 

The agency comprises a close-knit team who call themselves the digital musketeers. They are stalwarts in the digital space with a wealth of experience in SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, and more.

Their coming together is a story that’s every bit as commendable as their unique journeys — experienced individuals, each doing what they do best. Until a chance meeting at a networking event got them talking. 


Several meet-ups and coffees later, they decided to take their shared passion for digital marketing to the next level by combining their skills and experience.  


From the content queen to the design whiz to the marketing guru and the code nerd, they are a tribe of eclectic individuals on a mission to create epic digital footprints that get people to sit up and take note. Team Epic Owl believes in working closely with its clients to understand their unique needs and goals and developing a customized digital marketing plan to help them achieve their goals.


They may be small and new. But they’re backed by individual years of experience and expertise in their respective domains. Together they are a force to reckon with and can do much more for their clients — the smart and right way.  

Epic Owl Website -

Phone - 661-977-6043

Email - [email protected]

Address - 135 E Olive # 15, Burbank, California